LOOSEN UP & PAINT – anti-stress ART workshops for EVERYONE

„Relax & Let Your Imagination Do the Job“ it is a series of 4 creative and relaxing workshops. The lessons are intended for anyone who has the desire to create something, but doesn’t know how to start.


In a friendly and homy atmosphere (group sizes is max. 5 people) I can show You that painting is not a toil and you can learn to be creative.

►Although, you will make your hands dirty, you will also clear your head from everyday worries. ►Every time, you will bring home your own PIECE of ART. ►WHY should you try it? We all sometimes need to just be ‘present’. To let our brain rest, be here and now, off-line.

►Painting is hygiene for the soul and mind. It is a deep work in practice. The result of manual work is unique and tangible. Art is not only for artists! Just like running is not only for athletes.

Painting from imagination


During 4 lessons (every 2,5 h) we will try many easy, non-stresfull, fun and visually attractive techniques. I will show you how to use everyday objects to make art.

We will learn: how to choose colours, how to mix them, which colours go together (all of which will be applicable to matching you’re clothes or colours in your home)► how to create interesting tones and shades and why ► how to decide on the composition of paintings and photos ► how to smoothly mix painting with drawing and graphics ► what different types of brushes can do ► how to create your own hand-made painting tools or using recycled materials (paper/cardboard, boxes) ►we will discover that one can make art with anything (pens, pencils, wall paint) on almost anything (from recycled paper to fabric or vinyl rugs).

The course is designed for total beginners and also for intermediate and advanced, who are bored with painting according to a referent photo.


Lesson 1 – 2.5h ‘Art Testing.  Practical demonstration of how to use colours and composition

  • How to choose colours, tones to make them pleasant for the eye, how to harmonize and mix them, how to shade, what each brush can do and what might be painted with a finger, a stick or a toothbrush.
  • How to determine the composition-what and where should appear on our paintings, so that it is interesting (even if we were painting freely, without a template or photo)

► the result will be the first sketch, art-idea or the first painting with acrylics on cardboard which you can take home and be proud of.

Lesson 2 – 2.5 h – Easy abstract painting for forest lovers ► Dripping technique – ‘Loosen trees’.

Art-experimenting with fluid acrylics on cardboard ► We will create a colourful duet of paintings on a negative background, we will learn to determine shapes by shading, drawing outlines and then we will create original pieces of art…from colourful chaos.

Lesson 3 – 2.5 h –‘Where is the path to my heart’- known shapes on a multicoloured background. We works with paints, a flat brush and a…. wet cloth

Painting 1. Where is the path to my heart, Painting 2 (optional)- My Angel Protector, Bird abstraction, Trees growing to the sky

20*30cm, acrylic paint on a painted cardboard + background (without a frame) ► A symbolic, decorative painting will thus be created. You can make it in your favourite colours and shades, as a perfect present for the ones you love.

 Lesson 4– 2.5 h –MICROCOSMOS – My own graphic postcards

I show you how to create your own collection of unique, a bit abstract postcards/small poster. You can bet – every single one will be absolute original. As an inspiration and printable stencils, we will use the Nature Wealth (leaf’s, flowers, fruits and stems)

►Firstly, the composition of elements, colours will be created. Then we will use magic gelli plates. We will add structures and shapes. We will be surprised by the visual beauty of this technique.

As a result – an arty, dreamy piece will be created. Bunch of postcards or posters. The best-one will be put on a colourful, contrasting background and prepare for framing or sending via post mail (variety of frames will be available – for extra 100 Kč/piece).


In a case of LOCK DOWN we will continue online or you can change the certain amount of „unused money“ into a GIFT CARD (and purchase a picture or Art postcards – all is available in my NoStressArt atelier.



🔲  ABOUT MEMy name is  Marta Hilgert, I am a Polish living in Prague. I work as a freelance graphic designer, an artist and a mum of two / a trailing spouse / a sandwich generation member. I am late bloomer… a creative soul who’s done and seen quite a few things and still learns new ones!. ►I am People Lover  ►Audio-books Addict ► Mainly seeing the glass as half full (a simply soul hygiene trick ;o)I spek and teach in English, Czech and Polish „:o).

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 ► It was a fun. It was easy and refreshing for my mind. It was not frustrating, but playful and creative. No reference photos needed, no stress that, you are not good at copying the reality. That is what the mixed technique give you, when you are a bit patient :o)


Relax & Let Your Imagination Do the Job“ 🎨This couple of art lessons  are intended for anyone, who has the desire to create something, but doesn’t know how to start. Mixed media technique is suitable for adults, amateurs, children, elderly people and artists who face some kind of crisis. It boosts your creativity.


🤸‍♂‍ More art  =  ▼Less stress. It is not important if we are the second Van Gogh or if we can only draw a stick man.  For anyone who tries painting, the level of stress  hormones will decrease drastically (scientists have found that the drop is up to 75%). Those free online lessons on my YouTube channel are dedicated for kids, but not only. We ALL are children „o) MORE FILMS HERE


Baroque Flowers/ Meadow at Home“ . You do not need extra equipment to create. Paint with  OFFICE INK on RECYCLED PAPER. Without rules, just from your imagination. With neat decorations – lace pattern ►How to find shapes of flowers and leafs between the colorful stains? How to start? Make an abstract background, draw some shapes, without any reference photos (the same way, like frost paints wonders on the window :o); ET VOILÁ!